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Why Hire An Interior Designer?

The reasons are numerous and the benefits of hiring an Interior Designer are listed all over the Internet - generally by hiring a designer you will: save money, save time, receive a professional assessment of your space, have a qualified liaison to work with other contractors, connect with resources and contacts you as a homeowner might not have known about, increase home value, create a "wow" factor, and help to create perfect spaces for you.


When I say, "I would love to help you with your project," I sincerely mean it. Making people exclaim with delight (and sometimes cry) and hug me and let me talk to their pets like people and watch their kids perform an impromptu play while I'm styling their bookcases is the best feeling in the world. I want you to have all the same memories and many, many more every time you walk into the spaces we designed together.

I have clients say, "I love the room in this picture — but for someone without kids/pets/messiness, etc." If a picture of a space makes you happy, let's really look at the elements and create it. We'll talk specifically about why you love it and how I can help you create spaces of your (realistic) dreams. Do you love the look of white linen slipcovered sofas? We can do that! We'll just use a fabric that looks and feels like linen but is machine-washable.

The most common question clients ask me is about my design style — but my style is your style. My talent is to help you create your vision, not mine. If you are wondering how to use your family members' cherished china cabinet/victorian chair/poker chairs from Vegas, etc. somewhere in your space, I can help (with that and the rest of the room)! 

Design Project Process

Would you like to know about the design project process and how I work with clients? Click here for more details!

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